Is it Yeast Infection or Herpes?

Is it Yeast Infection or Herpes?

I’ve been dating this guy for two months and we had a weekend staycation two weeks ago, during which time we had sex for the first time with each other.

He was very rough and I felt bruised in my vagina and rectum area. I also felt sore, primarily because we had sex ten times in three days.

The first three times, condoms were used, but not afterwards. The topic of whether he has herpes – or not – was never brought up.

On the day after the staycation was over, I started to feel really sore in my genital areas and I didn’t really think much of it. I later realised there was a lot of a starchy yellowish discharge that hardened up on my underwear. By the next morning, it became increasingly difficult to walk due to the tenderness of my entire genital area almost as if I subconsciously scratched myself while sleeping during the night.

Whenever I passed water or merely walked, I felt like several knives were slashing my genital area. The discharge also remained the same colour and came just as consistently as when I first noticed it. I couldn’t sit, stand, or walk normally because every little movement hurt like hell.

I did an intensive searching for yeast infection and herpes on the internet and I realized my symptoms matched the yeast infection quite closely, except for the discharge.

As the week progressed I noticed more white bumps appearing and passing water hurt just as bad as the previous days when the urine touched the sore areas. I have been drinking a lot of cranberry juice and yoghurt as they were recommended on the internet. The feeling is truly like rubbing salt on open wounds and it hurts like hell. Every time urine touches the vulva, when I walk, sit, stand and move a little, it hurts badly.

I can see red bumps like ulcers around my rectum area and white bumps like big pimples on my vulva area. A few days later, the pain did not ease, but one thing I noticed was that when I showered in warm water, didn’t cause pain, but when I passed water it stung a lot. For the first couple seconds it doesn’t hurt, but when the urine touches the sores, it hurts badly.

I’m extremely worried because these bumps are symptoms of herpes. I didn’t confront my boyfriend as yet because I do not want to jump to conclusions because it could simply be a yeast infection and those bumps could be boils. I can’t tell the difference anyway by looking. I tried to be as detailed as possible in my description so please help if you can.

Thanks a lot. – V



Dear V

I’m sure the staycation was fun and that you both enjoyed yourselves. However, now that you have all of this, don’t waste any more time.

Take some clear digital images of the sores/bumps now, as they will change.

Go and let your doctor see the sores. Get the correct diagnosis and medication as soon as possible. It may be a bad case of thrush, but it may be something else, either on its own or alongside.

The fact that you had sex ten times in three days is not that worrying but the fact that you didn’t insist on him using a condom at all times, certainly is.

You have only known him for two months. He was quite happy not to use a condom with you – which, to me, means he was also quite happy not to use them with his previous partner(s), be they female, or male. You don’t know him well enough to know if he is bisexual and he is unlikely to volunteer that information in a hurry. My alarm bells are clanging for you because there was a recent article in that stated how more men are testing HIV positive lately. Please, go and see your healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Ask for a background blood test as, if this is the first time you have had unprotected sex with him, it is far too soon to detect whether he has given you HIV; so a background screen is important.

Likewise, you need tests to rule out herpes so a viral swab of the fluid that oozes from the sores may be sampled, too.

And, you also need tests to rule out Chlamydia and gonorrhoea, as well as thrush (yeast infection) and BV (bacterial vaginosis) – and, if he plays with drugs, you should also rule out Hepatitis B and C, whilst screening.

Why so many tests? Well, because sexual infections commonly travel together. At its simplest, you may just have some sort of skin reaction to what he washes with; you may have caught a viral skin infection from him; and/or this could be something more serious, which needs to be diagnosed carefully, and treated.

I hope your staycation is one you can look back on and smile about in the future, not one you will regret some elements of.

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