Condom bursting in contact with Baby Oil

Why does a condom burst during sex ?

To avoid a condom bursting during sex:

· Ensure that all the air has been removed from the teat of the condom during application. If not, the pressure of ejaculation (at about 28 mph) increases the likelihood of the condom bursting under pressure.Condom bursting in contact with Baby Oil

Condom bursting in contact with Baby Oil

· Do not use oil based lubrication or massage oil in the genital area prior to – or – during sex.

· Don’t allow the recipient to become dry whilst having sex. Add extra water based lubrication to avoid friction burns and/or weakening of the dry latex during thrusting. This also makes the condom more uncomfortable for the wearer.

· Do not use Vaseline®, baby oil or other oil based products as additional lubrication during sex.

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