Why did we develop this website?

None of us would be here if our biological parents hadn’t had sex!

A better understanding of Birth Control / Contraception and Sexual Health Information are essential elements for protecting women’s health, alongside protecting each other against sexually transmitted diseases – and unplanned pregnancy.

To help with that, qualified information and guidance are important.

Our reason for developing WillyWorries also includes taking a stance against stigma and taboo by improving people’s education related to reproductive and sexual health. We are showing written information and non-pornographic genital pictures, kindly donated by doctors, other healthcare professionals and members of the public, from right around the world who feel the same way. That is because this topic relates to many, if not all, cultures and communities, globally.

WillyWorries.com, which now includes WomensWorries.com and VulvaWorries.com, was developed by qualified clinical nurse specialists in contraception and sexual health in the UK.

It is constantly developing to help men, and women (moms, dads, teens (young people), grandparents including pensioners, teachers, trainers, nurses, and doctors)) – to understand more about genital/sexual and reproductive health topics in a non-pornographic way.

  • Many people – both young and older – hear or see things, then start to worry about whether they are normal “down below”, at some time in their life. But what is ‘normal’?

  • Many people grow up in ignorance.

  • Many parents are uncomfortable discussing sexual matters with their children.

  • This site has material related to adult life and some of its consequences, complexities, and concerns, and as with other sites that speak about sex and relationships education, this site is not designed for use by young persons under the age of 14.

  • We are all different, but we all have similar anatomy and physiology yet we are unique with how it seems.

  • Most heterosexual people don’t get to see the genitalia of other people of the same-sex.

  • Many men worry about the size, shape, and angle of their erection.

  • Many women worry about the size, shape and other features of their vulva/vagina and their labia majora/minora, whether to have pubic hair showing, or shave it all off.

  • Most people worry, at some stage, about signs and symptoms of STDs/STIs, sexual conditions and other diseases – and about birth control (contraception) options – as they go through the different ages.

  • For these reasons, explicit “normal” and “abnormal” genital pictures, which are both healthy and infected, feature on this site for educational purposes, not for pornographic reasons – and we make no apology for it.

  • If you are easily offended by genital images, don’t enter the Picture Gallery section of this website.


Sample Interactive Pages – “Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health”

Sample Interactive Pages – “Sexplained Two – For Changing Times”

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