Why can’t I get a condom on easily ?

Why can’t I get a condom on easily ? How do I get a condom on ?

Because there are several different shaped glans penises, you should try different condoms until you find one to suit you.

Some men find that that they feel tight – but you will be able to find one that suits you if you persevere. Try a looser one; or one with softer latex and more ‘give’ in it.

Men with a more mushroom shaped glans penis may find that it’s easier to put it on if the condom is unrolled slightly more than that required for men with a more Eiffel Tower shaped glans penis – and carefully stretched over the glans.

Important ! When putting on a condom, always make sure that the teat remains air free – and continue unrolling and using the condom as described under How should I put on a condom ?

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