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When can we have sex again? I can’t wait much longer…

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Chlamydia and so has my boyfriend. We have both now been treated. How long do we have to wait before we can have sex again? – K

Dear K

Sorry about the Chlamydia, but at least it wasn’t gonorrhoea, which is now getting much harder to cure than it used to be!!

You need to wait until seven days after you have completed treatment, but that also means seven days after your partner has completed his treatment before having sex together again.

If he doesn’t seek treatment for a couple of weeks, then the time lengthens – in other words, that couple of weeks plus seven days after his treatment ends.

If you don’t follow the seven-day rule, and only wait a few days to have sex (before the full me is up), please seek retreatment for both of you because it won’t have disappeared.

The full seven days are required after the last person in a couple is treated before sex can be safely resumed without becoming reinfected – and that also means no sex even with a condom.

(That’s not allowed because things can go wrong and the whole treatment regimen would need to start all over again. Just wait… it’s often quicker in the long run – and not having sex won’t actually kill you!)

There is no point in having a repeat test (test of cure) to make sure it has gone because you are likely to get a positive result for about six to eight weeks, depending on the test used.

If it’s a DNA based test, it takes this long for the chlamydia DNA to disappear from samples taken from your system, although the actual infection will have been cleared up by the treatment.

Testing again, but after 3 months, is a different matter, and often advised for young people.

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