Viruses, Bacteria & Other Infectious Organisms

Viruses, Bacteria & Other Infectious Organisms

Viruses are the most widespread group of parasites.

· They are visible only by using powerful electron microscopes. 

· They attack our immune system.

· Antibiotics do not work against them.

Currently, there’s no treatment – only alleviation of symptoms until such time as your immune system deals with the virus.

As an example, ‘flu is caused by a virus, which is why you are unlikely to be prescribed antibiotics but advised to ‘let it run its course’. A qualified medical practitioner may also recommend bed rest or products that can help to alleviate the symptoms until your body deals with the virus and you feel better.

Bacteria are single cell organisms, which grow and replicate outside or inside the body. Inside your system, they can take over your reserves – and live off you.

· They cause the immune reactions of fever and inflammation.

· They produce waste. 

· The waste is toxic and can damage cells.

· Pus forms when white blood cells and bacterial cells die.

Generally speaking, bacteria respond to antibiotic treatment. However, to be effective, the full course of medication must be taken.

· If medication is stopped before the full course is completed, and after symptoms begin to improve, the infection may become resistant to treatment.

· Some bacteria have become ‘multi-drug resistant’ and have become very difficult to treat.

Fungi/Yeasts are single cell or multiple organisms, which live in colonies. Like bacteria, they grow and replicate, living off your resources and annoy your white blood cells.

They respond to anti-fungal treatment.

Protozoa are multi cellular animals which can swim.

· They quickly cause infection, enjoying watery environments.

· They can spread quickly through the skin.

· They respond to antibiotic treatment. 

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