Vaginal Health – What makes a healthy vagina?

Many, if not all women, wonder at some time whether their vagina is healthy, or if something is changing ‘down there’ that they should do something about. 


Here is an extremely good podcast about Vaginal Health which answers the question: 


What makes a healthy vagina?

what makes a healthy vagina?
What makes a healthy vagina? BBC Podcast

A woman’s vagina relies on a specific collection of microbes – or ‘microbiome’ – to reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis (BV), an infection which produces a fishy-smelling discharge. In the past, BV was thought to be just a nuisance – but we now know that it can increase the risk of contracting other serious infections such as HIV. Janneke Van De Wijgert, Professor of Infection and Global Health at the University of Liverpool, UK, explains what women (and men) can do to help maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome.

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Duration: 4 minutes


As this is a podcast, it may not play in every country around the world if the IP address is locked out, but hopefully, it will play for you. 


AND, for much more information about BV / Bacterial Vaginosis, please see the page we have here
– click here or navigate via the drop-down “STIs and Genital Conditions” link above.
It contains the © BV / Bacterial Vaginosis chapter from “Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health”, by Helen J Knox, which explains Gardnerella, and is used with permission

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