[grid_one_third_first title=”Psychosexual Counselling” img=”” size=”large”]For any concerns related to Premature Ejaculation, Porn Addiction, Sexual Intimacy and other related sexual problems for men and women – based in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. Jill is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health, with a special interst in Counselling[/grid_one_third_first][grid_one_third title=”On The Spectrum – Autistic Information Site” img=”” size=”large”]One family’s story of their struggles navigating NHS and educational support and care for the family, all living with Autism and other, related conditions.  [/grid_one_third][grid_one_third_last title=”Sexplained Books” img=”” size=”large”]Information about Helen’s books – for young people, and adults, too.[/grid_one_third_last]


contraception and sexual health publications and training
Sexplained Ltd – contraception and sexual health publications and training


Knox Publishing - Sexplained Books
Contraception and sexual health titles from Knox Publishing, UK


contraception and sexual health training for youth workers, nurses and healthcare professionals, including sexual health advisers
Go directly to information about Sexplained Training – Accredited training packages

Sexplained Ltd

Knox Publishing

Sexplained Training







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