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“The Sexplained® Column” (Agony Aunt Magazine Advice Column Questions)

About the Blog

This page contains a rolling programme of edited extracts from the advice column questions Helen has answered, written for Better Health Magazine, Barbados, since June 2001. The questions are real and either they or similar questions have been asked by people all around the world. 

Her column is said to be the reason that many people buy the magazine. The column covers all topics related to contraception and sexual health, specifically, with some general relationships elements, too. 

She also has a ‘bank’ of over 15,000 questions and answers from her years running The Sexplained® Cyber Clinic and GlobalCyberClinic … way back in the early ’00s, and will pick the best of the best to put up online here.

She set those up after she had been “The Virgin Sexpert” for Sir Richard Branson‘s ‘Virgin Net’ for over a year, answering ‘live’ questions once a week in an internet chat room environment… way back in the day. 

We hope that you enjoy the online magazine column, too.

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