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Thought Provoking Sayings

A friend recently sent me a couple of quotes he heard, related to HIV, but appropriate for other situations. I hope they are as thought provoking for you, as they were when I first read them. 

” A one eyed man is King, in “The Kingdom of The Blind’ ” 

The context he was talking about related to the misinformation that is often passed on through ‘Chinese whispers’ / gossip, and that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Instead of seeking advice from qualified healthcare professionals, listening to the chants of an uneducated, and unqualified person, could lead to huge problems. 

His next quote again related to HIV, but could stand for any other life-threatening condition that someone tries to kept hidden, or tries to ignore in the hope that it will just go away: 

” Sickness says, ‘Expose me and live. Hide me, and I will kill you.’ “

In other words, speak out, accept it, and let others accept you. If you ignore a health concern, it is likely to worsen and could eventually change in to a life threatening condition, which, ultimately takes your life. 

NOTHING is as bad as it seems – and NOTHING is worse than trying to keep something secret. 

There is another saying, which is equally true – “The truth will set you free.”

So speak out, speak up, and face the future head on.  


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