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Educational Videos

Some Useful Sexual Health Educational Videos & Podcasts Penises across the species. TEDTalk. The Galactic Cap – a new type of male condom   Real Sex v Porn Sex Thanks to a colleague, Barbara, from Contraception Education CIC, who shared one of the videos she uses during sex education classes with young people.  A great

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Sexual Health Information and Guidance – WillyWorries.com

This section of the website takes you to Sexual Health Information and Guidance So please take your mouse to the INFORMATION & GUIDANCE menu above, which drops down when you touch it. It takes you to all the different information pages covering contraception topics – information about contraception and information about STIs – sexually transmitted infections

Information About Sexually Transmitted Infections

This section on sexual health offers information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), also called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually acquired conditions (SAIs) To navigate this section, click the tab above this page and follow the link to the page containing information about the infection that interests you. For male and female pictures related to

We're adding more pictures and more information regularly, so pop back and check for changes.

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