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Contraception Picture Gallery

This Gallery Contains Pictures of Different Methods of Contraception Contraception Picture Gallery Containing Birth Control Images This page contains images of many different methods of contraception and many different photos for each. Information about the different methods of contraception found in these images can be found on other pages within the contraception/birth control section of

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Educational Videos

Some Useful Sexual Health Educational Videos & Podcasts Penises across the species. TEDTalk. The Galactic Cap – a new type of male condom   Real Sex v Porn Sex Thanks to a colleague, Barbara, from Contraception Education CIC, who shared one of the videos she uses during sex education classes with young people.  A great

Female Condoms

Female Condoms  This was the first ever presentation I made that converted from Keynote (Mac’s PowerPoint) and added to YouTube. It’s got no sound and it is not perfect, but it was made for a conference in Barbados, held by UNFPA, at which I was speaking.  Helen    Further information coming soon…  

We're adding more pictures and more information regularly, so pop back and check for changes.

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