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Help! Vagina, Clitoris, Urethra, Vulva, Labia Majora, Labia Minora – what and where are they all?

The Vagina, Clitoris, Urethra, Vulva, Labia Majora, Labia Minora – what are they all? I want to see pictures of each of them, if you have them, as I am lost with all of this…


These are all parts or areas of every woman’s genitalia. Many women, especially young and inexperienced sexually, merely say ‘vagina’ for just about anything, and anywhere between their legs, but each area has a specific name. And, the vagina can’t actually be seen without medical examination equipment because it is a self-cleansing area, set within the body, accessed through the vulva. 


It is particularly important for women (and men) to know the correct terminology to describe what they are talking about if they need to seek help in a sexual or reproductive health clinic or seek medical help from their doctor, regarding an intimate problem.

It causes less confusion, and although any healthcare professional can quickly work out what someone is really trying to describe, some patients feel a bit embarrassed when they hear the correct terminology used.

It is not something that anyone should lose sleep over – but if you want to know, even if it’s to translate for yourself after you’ve overheard a healthcare professional speaking… hopefully this is of some help.

BUT… More important than any terminology is the fact that you get help if you are worried about anything in an intimate area, or, actually about anything that worries you about your health or wellbeing.

Even if nothing is wrong, it is sometimes nice to just know that, too. 

Here is a convenient image of the different parts/areas of the vulva.

You can find more information about the different parts in the information section of this website, and examples of different women’s ‘normal, healthy’ vulval areas within The Vulva Gallery.

Examples of some not quite so healthy examples are shown of different conditions and sexually transmitted disease presentations within The Sick Willy Gallery. (Even though it is called this, it does contain pictures of both penises, vaginas, vulvas, pictures of the anus and other parts of the body affected by different conditions – the name seemed to fit well with the original site, back in 2001, and the name has just stuck).

They are displayed by topic, rather than all mixed up together, and more pictures will be added on an ongoing basis, as and when we can. 


Picture of Vulva - Image labelled for WillyWorries.com Vulva Gallery
Picture of Vulva – Image labelled for WillyWorries.com Vulva Gallery – to help with different women’s VulvaWorries (and men’s worries about Vulvas, too!) Click to go to the page explaining each of the areas and what they are designed to do, where they are, etc.