Stop! No sex without a condom.

Safer Sexual Health In Every Pregnancy


Stop! No sex without a condom.
Stop! No sex without a condom. Safer Sex IN and After Pregnancy  Condoms, Condoms, Condoms. 

If you want to try for a baby each of you will want to know that you’re safe from infection.

•For your sexual health – and your baby’s wellbeing – you and your partner should be fully tested at a GUM/STI clinic before you have unprotected sex together.

Some men don’t like to have sex with a pregnant woman. They find it impossible to remain faithful and stray towards someone else during this time. Potentially, it can be very serious for mother and baby to catch a sexually transmitted infection – and, of course, you’d be caught out.

•After pregnancy is confirmed, you should return to using condoms for protection throughout the pregnancy – in the event that either of you has sex outside the relationship.

•Usually, it’s safe for the woman (and your baby) to have sex well into pregnancy. Don’t risk ruining a good relationship. Think very carefully before having sex elsewhere.

•If you’re worried about having sex during pregnancy consult your healthcare professional or qualified medical practitioner.

Remember, having sex doesn’t just mean penetration. There are many other ways to express close feelings and receive sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

•Respect your lady and you will enjoy the closeness of your family and new baby.

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