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Sample Interactive Pages – “Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health”

Do you work in the field of sexual health, or want to do so?

Are you a nurse, a doctor, a youth worker or a teacher?
Do you have to explain the intricacies of sexual health to other people?  

Check out this HANDBOOK to Sexual Health

USED by Nursing and Medical Staff at Leading London Teaching Hospitals

It Contains Information About More Than 100 Sexually Transmitted Infections and Genital Conditions

Available as print books,
but for discrete private reading, also available via iBooks and Kobo

Sample pages from


“Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health”

by Helen J Knox



[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Sample Pages – “Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health” by Helen J Knox”]

Direct to For Ordering Information

Also, Check Out The Author’s Sequel

Sample Interactive Pages – “Sexplained Two – For Changing Times”

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