The Sick Willy Gallery (STIs)

Sexually Transmitted or Acquired Infections / Diseases

Help! Is it thrush, is it BV? I’m itching like mad ‘down below’

What About Thrush? (Also Called Yeast Infection or Candidiasis) Hi I heard a friend of mine talking about “thrush” recently and although she gave a thorough explanation, I would like a medical overview. Can you provide one? I mean, I’d really like to know if it’s thrush or it’s BV (bacterial vaginosis) that she’s talking …

Help! Is it thrush, is it BV? I’m itching like mad ‘down below’ Read More »

Itchy Anus After Anal Sex

After trying anal sex, my anus has been itching like crazy. At first, it was a bearable itch that occurred during mornings and nights, but has progressively worsened. I’ve been applying Vaseline® to my anus to help alleviate some of the itch, and recently I started feeling a couple of bumps or small lumps around …

Itchy Anus After Anal Sex Read More »

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