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The Normal Healthy Vulval Gallery – Section Home Page 1 – Page 2 – Page 3   Welcome to The Normal Healthy Labia Picture Gallery Images to explain where the labia majora and labia minora are situated in a woman’s genital area – The Vulva The slang term for these is often used by people describing labia, as

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Testimonial From A Teacher

I’m glad that the topic of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is being taken seriously around the world at last. I’ve travelled widely and I heard about this awful practice a long time ago. I don’t expect you to have pictures to show that on here, but when I heard about it, it made me question my genitals as I’ve always thought my ‘lips’ were too big but apart from looking at porn magazines, there aren’t that many places to see ‘normal women’ to compare myself with.
I came across your site by chance a few days ago and after all these years of needless worry, I now realise that I’m as normal as other women. We’re all different!

We're adding more pictures and more information regularly, so pop back and check for changes.

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