Penis Head Is Red And Smelly

Penis Head: I Have A Red And Smelly Penis

My penis head is red and inflamed when it becomes erect and my foreskin is quite tight and feels stretched when I pull it all the way back. My penis also begins to smell within a few hours of showering underneath the head. This has been a big problem for me when it comes to sexual activities and because of it, I am lacking confidence. Is there a way to treat this? – M


Dear M

Stop stressing and go and see your doctor. Explain everything to him or her and ask them to run some tests. If you haven’t had a complete sexual health screen recently, ask to do so. They may want to check you for diabetes, as well, so it’s important not to ignore this. It sounds like balanoposthitis or inflammation of the glans penis, and an imbalance of normal healthy bacteria that inhabit the prepuce or foreskin area ((and in some ways can relate to a similar imbalance that occurs as thrush or BV (bacterial vaginosis) in women)). By washing with soap or shower gel, especially if you are uncircumcised and don’t rinse properly, the chemicals in the shower gel get to intermingle with those in your smegma (the cheesy substance that forms under the foreskin to keep it moving comfortably), causing inflammation and some swelling to occur which then triggers the tightness you experience with difficulty retracting your foreskin.

Don’t delay any longer – go and get tested. And, use condoms during sexual activity, routinely – whether you like them or not at the moment – learn to like them! There are condoms to fit ALL sizes of penis!

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