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Penetration Without Ejaculation – Am I Pregnant?

Penetration Without Ejaculation
Am I Pregnant?

Birth Control Question


I had unprotected sex about five weeks ago but he did not ejaculate inside me. For the past few days, I have been feeling nausea sporadically, been constipated, and been feeling a clenching tightness in my stomach and abdomen- a kind of bloated feeling.

I know that these are symptoms similar to early pregnancy, so I am quite worried even though I took a pregnancy test this morning and it came out negative (I should note that I drank a glass of water before not thinking that my pee would get diluted). If I am indeed not pregnant, what else can these symptoms be? – G

Dear G

If that was the only time you had unprotected sexual contact, the pregnancy test should have shown an accurate result, either way, even if you had recently had a drink of water.

Assuming this was the only unprotected encounter, and that you haven’t changed your diet, you might have picked up a sexual infection, though it’s impossible to tell you which one it may be. Only a laboratory test can confirm this, one way or another.

Bloating, but commonly of longer duration, can suggest ovarian problems and of course, your symptoms may be totally unrelated to the sexual activity you experienced.

Pick up the phone, and make an appointment with your doctor.

Explain everything to him/her and let them guide you, in person, from there.

They may repeat your pregnancy test, but they will probably want to run several other tests, too.

I hope you feel better soon.

Going forward – ever, ever, ever again let him penetrate without putting a condom on, way before his penis touches you. Men ooze about 3,000,000 sperm when they’re excited and they don’t need to penetrate to cause pregnancy if the woman is at the fertile time of her menstrual cycle. No condom – no sex, from now on!! Emergency contraception helps but it does not always work and it’s a lot easier to negate the need to seek that out by simply protecting yourself routinely.

Accidents happen… but let’s keep our fingers crossed that you won’t become a condom failure statistic.

They’re really good when properly, and consistently, used. They (male and female versions) are still the only thing to give protection against both pregnancy and infection.

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