Pain in my squishy testicles and enlarged balls

Painful – Squishy Testicles – Enlarged Balls

What to do, when to do it?

I’m a 20-year-old male with no prior health issues, and I would say that I’m relatively fit even though I don’t play sports. Since the end of summer, I’ve been experiencing a sharp pain off and on in only my right testicle. Also, this testicle is about twice the size of my left testicle. The tissue feels squishy instead of normal. The testicle is painful to the touch.

I’m not feeling the urge to vomit, nor is there blood in my urine and semen, but I’m still scared for the worst. I only feel relief after ejaculation, but then the pain comes back after a few days. Are these symptoms of testicular cancer? Should I visit a doctor? Will it go away without treatment? I hope you can help! – R


Dear R

To answer your question in a nutshell, yes, please go and see your doctor, NOW.

Don’t wait any longer.

It doesn’t sound like testicular cancer, but could be one of a few other things, such as testicular torsion, hydrocele, or even epididymo-orchitis; it may even be a hernia of some sort so please, do this as soon as possible.

Torsion is when the contents of your scrotum twist; hydrocele is when there is free fluid in the scrotum, epididymo-orchitis is inflammation of the testicle, which often causes the scrotum to swell as well; and a hernia in this location would be if some of the pelvic tissue (gut) slips through sheets of muscle in that area and can’t get back – all of which need urgent medical attention.

Testicular cancer commonly, though not always, presents as an unusual lump or growth on one or the other testicle. It rarely occurs on both at the same time and it generally feels like a small dry pea would between your fingers.

If you delay seeing your doctor much longer, you risk this worsening and perhaps even having a detrimental effect on your future fertility.

All of these can be treated successfully when you act quickly – so put this magazine down and get to the doctor’s office now.


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