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My Penis And Scrotum Are Always Shrivelled And I Have Erectile Dysfunction

This is an issue that’s been bothering me for some time but I have been too embarrassed to discuss it. My penis and scrotum are almost always shrivelled and I just can’t get it up.

Probably 98% of the day my genitals are in this “shrinkage” state.

I know that issues like the air temperature and even stress can cause a man’s genitalia to shrivel.

I worry that there is something wrong with me for my genitals to be in this state for most of the entire day regardless of whether I’m warm or not or when I’m seemingly not in a stressful situation.

At best, this causes me humiliation when I have to undress in front of others.

Is there a potential medical problem that causes this?

I am type 2 diabetic but I am not overweight. The diabetes at times causes erectile dysfunction. However that would not explain why my scrotum is also constantly shrivelled. I have noticed that my genitals do tend to loosen up at times when I am extremely relaxed such as if I have had consumed alcohol.

Being diabetic I rarely do consume alcohol as I know that is bad. I also suffer from anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Do I have a potential problem (perhaps with blood flow?) or is this just an embarrassing issue that I just have to live with. Thank you for any information. I almost forgot to mention that I have tried a variety of underwear types and fits from loose boxers to regular boxer briefs and trunks. The loose boxer shorts do not change the problem. – H

Dear H

I’m sorry this is worrying you but from what I’ve heard about this sort of thing, I don’t think, it would be considered an actual medical problem, merely a change from your normal state. And, unless your scrotum is so tight that it is causing you to feel pain, or stopping you from having a baby because your testes are now closer to your body, which means that sperm viability may be lowered, I don’t think your doctor will recommend any treatment as such. 

Every man’s situation is different, however, and as you have other medical problems, please pop along and see your doctor in person. The fact that things appear more ‘normal’ when you are relaxed, is also a helpful clue for him/her.

They can reassure you better and may run some simple blood tests to check your hormone levels, as well as examine you to see what’s really going on.

You are also stressing so much about this, and stress affects hormones, raising the cortisol level and decreasing the testosterone level, which, over time would affect the size. You don’t mention your age, but ageing affects the size and erection as well since there is a natural decrease in testosterone production as you get older.

I hope this helps to reassure you for now, but you would be wise to mention it when you have your next diabetic check-up. 

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