It was just a little lick … but will it cost me?

It was just a little lick … but will it cost me?

What are the chances that I could get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from my guy licking his finger before fingering me? I’m pretty sure I run a risk, but I’m specifically wondering if there are certain STDs I should beware of now. I was caught off-guard by him doing that or I would’ve stopped him, because I haven’t made him get tested yet – and I try to be really responsible about all that – Alicen

Dear Alicen

Don’t beat yourself up. Something like this could happen to any of us in a moment of excitement. Think for a moment whether you kissed him on the mouth? If you did, was it a wet French kiss or a dry peck from the distance? Are you thinking vagina when it may be wise to think of all areas or do you know something else and are you worrying for a reason you haven’t mentioned?

It really depends on the individual situation because to receive an infection one has to be transmitted and that can only happen if one is present to be transmitted.

The first question which jumps to my mind in this situation is whether he has herpes in his mouth, lips or gums or not. That’s the most common oral infection to transmit to the genital area without either its host or recipient realising it is present.

Since the vagina is an acidic area it is likely to kill off the tiny amount of anything transmitted in this single foreplay incident, so the risk would be very small – unless, of course, he has a mouth full of gonorrhoea, syphilis or another infection he hasn’t told you about, in which case the risk would, of course, be higher.

If you are worrying about HIV transmission from this one-off foreplay act, the risk would be absolutely minimal, if there at all, compared to other types of unprotected sexual activities.

The best bet is for both of you to go and see your healthcare professional or visit your local sexual health clinic, tell them about it, and then get tested.

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