Men’s Health – Penis / Male FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

MALE FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does it Matter that I Have a Small Penis?

How Do I Measure the Length of my Penis?

I’m Worried that my Penis Is Too Small For Sex

How Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

What Are Wet Dreams & Why Do I Have Them?

Why Do I Have An Erection When I Wake Up?

Is It Normal to Have Lumps or Little Bumps on My Penis?

When My Penis is Inside My Partner, Will I Pass Urine?

Why Do My Testicles Ache So Much When We’re Just Heavy Petting?

Will My Penis Be Too Big to Go Inside My Girlfriend If She’s Never Had Sex Before?

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Does it Matter that I Have a Small Penis?  

  • Size is no barrier to or indication of pleasure.

  • A small penis can receive – and give – just as much pleasure as a bigger one.

  • Men of all ages, in all countries, are obsessed with penis size.

  • Size is irrelevant when it comes to pregnancy or sexual performance.

Of course, when it’s soft it may appear small, looking down on it as you do from above.

  • Try looking at it sideways in the mirror for a more impressive view!

When soft, a small penis can more than double in size by the time it’s erect; large penises when soft, don’t tend to react so impressively.

  • At times, it might also look larger or smaller – which is also quite usual.

  • Many men don’t see other penises erect for comparison!

    It’s perfectly common to have an erection between 12 and 18 cms/5 and 7 inches long.

  • How you measure the length of your penis can add about an inch or two!


How Do I Measure the Length of my Penis?

Measure your penis when you have a good erection. 

Push it horizontal (at a right angle to your tummy) then measure from your hairline to the tip and hey presto, you have its length.

No doubt you could measure from the underside and add an inch or so, with perhaps even more if you measure the back while it’s erect instead of horizontal.

  • There’s no reason at all to panic about penis size. It is what it is.

  • It grows in length, weight, and size as you grow up and mature physically.

  • Some are long, some are short, some are fat and some are thin.

  • When it’s erect, you should feel as proud of it as any other man.

  • Men often worry about penis size. It’s how you use it that really matters, not how much you’ve got!


I’m Worried that my Penis Is Too Small For Sex and That if Someone Sees it They’ll Laugh and Not Want Me Any More  

  • Don’t worry – you’re not alone. You’d be surprised how many men worry about this unnecessarily.

  • Young men develop at different rates. For example, seeing someone the same age at school with a bigger penis, when you’re having a shower after PE, can do untold harm to some young men’s egos.

  • Few heterosexual (straight) men get to see another man’s penis except if they’re watching a pornography film or in the toilets.

  • Pornography films sometimes employ trick photography to make a penis look bigger.

  • A penis that’s large when flaccid (soft) doesn’t usually impress as much as a smaller one does when it erects.

  • A smaller penis can more than double in size on erection

  • A larger penis may just increase slightly in length or width.

  • So, you should try not to worry.


How Can I Make My Penis Bigger? 

  • Trying to make your penis bigger can cause far more problems than it solves.

  • Generally, you can’t enlarge it naturally.

  • Its size is determined by your genes, which also determine the colour of your eyes, hair, etc.

  • It tends to grow thicker and longer as you mature physically. Your testicles also develop in size and weight.

  • Some men go to great trouble to try and get surgery or use stretching instruments to lengthen it or have fat injections to make it wider. But many are bitterly disappointed with the expensive lack of results.

  • Creams, lotions, potions, and surgery are largely a waste of money and just play on your insecurities; they can’t guarantee success and often fail to deliver what is eagerly expected.

  • The psychological damage (in your mind) could make the problem far greater and your performance worse than it was before if the result isn’t as you hope.

  • The average vagina is only 8 – 10 cms / 3½ – 4 inches deep – although it can expand to about twice this when a penis is inserted slowly and gently.

So there’s no point in bragging that you’re 31- 36 cms / 12 -14 inches long ! It simply isn’t necessary.

  • Mr Average is just fine and preferred, by most partners, long term.

  • Mr.Huge is OK for novelty value but can cause discomfort.

Concentrate on how you use what you’ve got – not how little or how much you have.


What Are Wet Dreams & Why Do I Have Them?

  • Wet dreams are when you ejaculate in your sleep due to something sexually arousing in a dream.

  • Wet dreams are also called nocturnal emissions.

  • They’re perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

  • Your dream may not have been sexy or about someone you fancy.

  • Wet dreams sometimes happen when they’re least expected.

  • Some young men don’t have them very often while others have them frequently.


Why Do I Have An Erection When I Wake Up? 

  • It’s quite usual to have about 5 erections in your sleep each night, throughout your life.

  • They’re more likely to be a left over erection from the last dream you were having before you woke up.

  • They’re not, as is often thought, due to having a full bladder when you wake up and need to piss.

  • These are sometimes nicknamed “piss hard”, morning glories or dawn horns.


Is It Normal to Have Lumps or Little Bumps on My Penis?  

  • You have lots of tiny glands near the tip (glans) of your penis, around the coronal sulcus (crown/helmet) which may or may not be easily visible as lumps and bumps when you reach puberty.

  • If you’ve had them for years and they haven’t changed, they’re unlikely to be anything to worry about.

  • If, however, you notice new lumps or bumps and you’ve had sex in the last few months, it’s worth asking a qualified medical practitioner/a Sexual Health (GUM/STI) clinic, in case they’re genital warts – or another infection. 

When My Penis is Inside My Partner, Will I Pass Urine?  

No, you can’t pass urine while you have an erection.

A valve at your bladder closes when your penis is erect. This allows semen and sperm to come out through your urethra but it holds your urine back, inside your bladder.


Why Do My Testicles Ache So Much When We’re Just Heavy Petting?  

  • During sexual arousal, your testicles rise towards your body and swell.

  • At orgasm, they relax and return to their usual size quite quickly.

  • So, if you’re just teasing/petting each other for a long time, without ejaculation, your testicles may ache later.

  • That doesn’t mean you have to have sex to prevent this feeling.

  • It’ll wear off on its own or after sex – but you can always masturbate to relieve any discomfort.

  • Many men are too shy to admit it to their friends or talk about it in the company of others but it’s natural for most men to masturbate.


Will My Penis Be Too Big to Go Inside My Girlfriend If She’s Never Had Sex Before?  

No, it’s unlikely that your penis will be too big. As long as you’re gentle, and she’s nicely relaxed, aroused and wet, your penis should slide in easily.

She must be relaxed otherwise her welcoming fluid won’t flow to lubricate her vagina.

Her hymen may still be intact if she hasn’t used tampons or stretched it during exercise.

  • You should always be very gentle, not in a hurry and be ready to stop if she feels pain or changes her mind – even at the last minute.

  • There’s a band of muscle at the entrance to her vagina, which relaxes when she’s ready to allow you to enter.

  • Her vagina has a dead end so you don’t have to worry about going in too far.

  • Discuss your decision to have sex carefully though, because once it’s lost, she can’t retrieve her virginity.

  • You should also make sure you use adequate protection from pregnancy and/or infection.

  • She may be at risk of infection if you’ve had sex before.

  • Many young people are bullied by peer pressure and made to feel they should have sex by a certain age. There’s no upper age limit for having sex, no hurry to start and no right or wrong number of times to do it.


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