Condom correctly on penis

How should I put on a condom ?

Condom correctly on penis
Condom correctly on penis

How should I put on a condom ?

After ensuring that you are about to use a reliable condom – suitable for intercourse, not just novelty:

· Take it from its pack and check that it is still in date.

· Check that it carries the CE/British Standard or other internationally recognised mark of quality.

· Carefully tear the wrapper to release the condom and check which way it unrolls.

· With the roll uppermost, take it from its wrapper and hold the teat or top 25mm [1 inch] and squeeze all the air out of the condom.

· Place the condom over the tip of your/or your partner’s fully erect penis and roll down over the glans penis before letting go of the air free space.

· Continue unrolling it over the shaft of the penis – down to the hairline.

  • You are now safe to have sex, but, from time to time, check that the condom remains in place whilst in use. And, if anything goes wrong, remember ’emergency contraception’ if your partner is at risk of getting pregnant… and consider having an STI screen three weeks later to rule out chlamydia and gonorrhoea if you don’t know the sexual history of the person you’re sharing sex with.

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