How do STIs affect my Immune system ?

How do STIs affect my Immune System ?

If our immune system response is overactive, we develop allergic reactions and auto-immune disease

If our immune system response is insufficient, we develop immuno-deficiency which results in infection and/or illness.

Protection from infection is dealt with by our white blood cells.

They form part of our reaction to invading organisms, and protect us from infection.

If you feel run down, it is important to seek medical advice. Your healthcare practitioner may feel that it is appropriate to check your health by taking various samples of blood and having them tested for a range of possible conditions.

The ‘big’ infection that doctors commonly want to rule out when someone is run down or not feeling well is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

It is important that we all know our HIV Status.

It is considerably better to know the result, even if the result is not what you want it to be, than not take the test through fear of what it may be.  

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