How can I get my vagina to be tight?

Need to shrink vagina – How can I get my vagina to be tight?

THIS might sound weird, but in March I had sex with an ex-boyfriend. Now my current boyfriend is coming to see me. I am scared he will find out that I had sex because I might not be tight, being that I previously had sex.

My questions are: How can I get my vagina to be tight? Is there a way to shrink my vagina, so that I will be tight? My friend told me to douche with Dettol® and water, will this help? Please, any help will be greatly appreciated. – Help

Dear Help,

1) NEVER douche with anything. You don’t need to and it can bring on BV (bacterial vaginosis) and/or thrush, apart from making you more vulnerable to catching any infection coming your way.

Certainly NEVER, EVER, EVER with Dettol® – very commonly used and advised by grandmothers, to mothers, to grand-daughters within some communities – and also very uncomfortable. Don’t use it… And don’t add it to bath water, either!! Use it only for the purpose for which the manufacturer’s make it. 

2) Your vagina doesn’t expand and stay expanded when you have sex, so stop worrying. It goes back to its pre-sex size after you have intercourse.

Sure, your hymen can’t be fixed without surgery if you had an intact one before you had sex with your ex, but many women don’t bleed the first time they have sex anyway – and in many countries, it’s now illegal for someone to ‘fix’ a hymen that’s been ‘torn’/’broken’/’deflowered’ – but that’s a whole different story that we will cover another day.

The main thing is, that, in other words, your boyfriend will not be able to tell that you had sex back in March if you don’t tell him.

Likewise, you won’t be able to tell if he had sex since you last saw him, either, unless he tells you. 

Or, of course, unless either of you gives the other an infection if you now have one on board! 

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