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How can I find an NHS Sexual Health Clinic Near Me

How Can I Find An NHS
Sexual Health Clinic Near Me

It is getting harder to find NHS sexual health clinics locally because so many have recently been closed. This is because of Government cuts and is a situation that is not likely to be reversed in the foreseeable future.

If you are in the UK and want to find an NHS Sexual Health Clinic near you, one of the places to turn is the NHS website – NHS Choices via NHS.net – click here.

If you just want asymptomatic screening, however, some areas are employing postal screening services, such as those from SH24, in London. With this service, you merely fill in the information requested on the website and hey presto, your screening kit arrives in the post within a day or two, depending on the time you fill in the form and local post availability. It’s a superb service. You get your kit. You perform your tests to the instructions given in the packet, post it off, and get your results by text in a day or two after you return it to the laboratory in the envelope provided.

To check whether your postcode and your local authority are covered by the system, check here: 

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