Help! I’ve fractured my penis !!!

Fractured penis, what was the healing process like?

I had the painful misfortune of fracturing my penis. It was surgically repaired the same day and 10 weeks later everything works, but I’m still working out some kinks (bumps, etc.).

Do you know anyone who may have had this happen to them, and can you offer any insight into my healing process? – A

Dear A

As you know, there is no bone in the penis to break. What happened was that you damaged the muscles of the shaft of your penis, which may have occurred during erection/penetration or masturbation.

Any surgical repair involves sutures of one type or another being placed to carefully hold the two sides of torn tissue together.

Internal sutures are usually made of a material that eventually dissolves but until that happens, the scar tissue will be a bit more obvious and the unevenly torn tissue needs to knit together carefully, re-establishing healthy blood flow to the whole area etc.

In cases like this the lumps are called penile nodules, and they are a common complication of penile repair. They can be treated, if necessary, without medication, by local treatment such as with a laser, ultrasound, or specific drug injection inside the nodule itself, to help it dissipate.          

There may be some swelling to contend with whilst this happens but it should settle down in a few weeks. Everybody is different, of course, and occasionally the unevenness may remain.

The main thing is that the damaged area has healed well, and you are not in pain by the sound of things.

I don’t know anyone who’s had your specific operation but in general, the healing process can take several weeks to months.

I think the best person to answer your question is your own doctor, who knows how badly damaged the tissue was and can give you their prognosis after seeing the bumps in question.

Until you see your doctor, I hope this helps.



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