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Extra Skin Near Vaginal Opening

Extra Skin Near Vaginal Opening

I noticed a small amount of pain when my husband and I were fooling around (not during intercourse; when he touched me). Later, I felt a slight discomfort again so I looked in a mirror. That’s when I noticed what appears to be a growth or extra skin near the vaginal opening. It doesn’t seem to bother me much until I start thinking about it. Then it seems my attention is heightened. I’m not sure if something is wrong or if it’s always been there but I am more alert to it since I decided to check it out. Do you have any helpful insight? – M

Dear M

Sorry you are experiencing some pain lately but without seeing it, it is impossible to tell you what it is. You don’t say whether you have looked at yourself ‘down there’ with the aid of a mirror before but even if you have, I really think you need to let your doctor or practice nurse take a look – or, if you don’t want to see them, pop along to your local Sexual Health Clinic and see someone there.

This may be a genital wart, although they don’t usually cause pain, as such. It may be some sort of skin tag, or it may merely be normal genital anatomy that you have never really taken much notice of before.

Depending on how quickly you can be seen, it may be useful to take a clear digital picture of the area in question, just in case it changes or resolves itself and you would have something to show the healthcare practitioner. Please go and get it checked, in person, M. If it is a genital wart or even another viral skin condition that causes raised areas, such as molluscum contagiosum, there is simple treatment available.

You are absolutely correct, though. Don’t ignore a change in the colour or condition of your genital skin.




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