Stop! No sex without a condom.

Epididymo-Orchy WHAT??

My goodness, I ache down there… what on earth is wrong with me? One of my rugger mates said I might have Epididymo something, or twisted my balls and developed something called testicular torsion . What’s Epididymo-Orchitis got to do with it?

Stop! No sex without a condom.
Stop! No sex without a condom.

Your friend might be on the right track if you have any of the following symptoms. Don’t delay. Go and see your doctor or pop in to your nearest sexual health clinic rather than ignore anything unusual ‘down there’. 

Symptoms of Epididymo-Orchitis include:

•Unilateral testicular pain.

•Urethritis – often with no symptoms.

•Urethral discharge.

•Torsion of the spermatic cord (testicular torsion) – the main differential diagnosis – which is a surgical emergency.

For more information check out our page on Epididymo-orchitis – click here. 

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