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Educational Videos

Some Useful Sexual Health Educational Videos & Podcasts

Penises across the species. TEDTalk.

The Galactic Cap
– a new type of male condom


Real Sex v Porn Sex

Thanks to a colleague, Barbara, from Contraception Education CIC, who shared one of the videos she uses during sex education classes with young people. 

A great podcast about Vaginal Health – it’s a BBC Podcast so may not play in other countries if you IP address shows.


what makes a healthy vagina?
What makes a healthy vagina? BBC Podcast

What makes a healthy vagina?

A woman’s vagina relies on a specific collection of microbes – or ‘microbiome’ – to reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis (BV), an infection that produces a fishy-smelling discharge. In the past, BV was thought to be just a nuisance – but we now know that it can increase the risk of contracting other serious infections such as HIV. Janneke Van De Wijgert, Professor of Infection and Global Health at the University of Liverpool, UK, explains what women (and men) can do to help maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome.

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4 minutes

A nice video about what to expect when you go to a GUM Clinic for a sexual health check

The nurse in this interview, Lee, has been promoted to Sexual Health Service Manager and purchased “Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health” for each member of the clinic at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London SW10

And if you test positive…

The Female Condom

This was my first attempt at converting a Keynote (Mac’s PowerPoint) presentation into a video about The Female Condom – and it was made for a presentation I gave for UNFPA in Barbados, several years ago. It’s not perfect, but it shows all the steps required. There is no sound recorded with it, so no need for speakers to be turned up! Sorry about that… Helen.

Erectile Dysfunction and Men’s Sexual Health
– An indicator of other health concerns, for many.

What happens during a menstrual period and also ovulation.

Credit to BBC TV – Professor Robert Winston

BBC TV – Menstrual Period

BBV TV – Ovulation

Real Sex v Porn Sex

Using Birth Control Pills – Scared of HIV AIDS, genital herpes and genital warts

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