Eating faeces: Is it the latest fad ?

Eating faeces: Is it the latest fad ?

I WATCHED a video recently where people ate faeces (feces). I thouht it was one of the sickest, weirdest and most revolting things I ever saw. I was talking about it and was told that in America this is the latest fad and is called ‘scat’ sex play. It’s supposed to be practised a lot of couples.

Have you heard about this? Also, what kind of hazards are involved in eating faeces – your own and other peoples? Can’t people get HIV from doing this? – Disgusted.

Dear Disgusted,

There is far more to worry about than mere HIV.

Eating faeces, whether your own or that of someone else, means eating body waste. There are all sorts of bacteria in even a healthy gut that the body is trying to eliminate – E-Coli for one bacteria – which, if it gets into the urethra, can and does cause cystitis (urine infection) and may even track up to the kidneys and cause more problems.

Then there is viral hepatitis. There is a high enough risk of Hepatitis A from oral sex in the form of anilingus or anal rimming/licking, let alone with eating someone’s faeces.

I would not recommend that anyone eat the faeces of another person!

‘Scat’ as the practice is called, is said to be widely practised, and psychiatrists suggest the person is “stuck at the faecal stage of development” psychologically. That is, the way toddlers like to fiddle with their faeces, and which some elderly person do too, who are not too well.

But those situations are quite different from voluntarily consuming it.

Couples who ‘scat’ or, would like to, should give thought to the following:

Think for a moment why faeces is body waste, before thinking seriously of ingesting it. There are millions of bacteria in our gut, some content within their host, but potentially not so gentle in other conditions.

Think for a moment too about the person you will be kissing after you’ve consumed it. Would you honestly like someone to kiss YOU after they’ve had a mouthful of someone’s faeces, or for them to kiss your children?

You should never assume that someone is free of infection, sexual or otherwise, so why put yourself at added risk.

Medically, I do not and cannot recommend ‘scat’ at all!

I must admit that this has to be one of the few things I really can’t understand, though I’ve heard enough times of people being “into it” or knowing of people who are. Most prostitutes I’ve spoken to over the years have been asked to perform it on clients many times – but not all have obliged, even for the money. And, if that many have been asked, it stands to reason that a lot of people are ‘in to’ it. 

We can only ever know our own direct sexual health, not even our own indirect, let alone that of anyone else! 

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