Discharge After Period Smells Like Vinegar

Discharge After Period Smells Like Vinegar

This issue has been bothering me for years, and somehow it happens for a certain period of time (ie. monthly). Occasionally I experienced some brownish discharge after my period (not painful), and it smells vinegar whenever I inspect it. Till then, I wore a panty liner during daytime only and the odour lasted for a certain period of time.

I’m more worried now than ever before, because a few days ago I had sex with my boyfriend, and the smell from my vagina was strong. Afterward, for the next few days, I noticed the return of a red-brown discharge and I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m having a period twice in a month. Could these symptoms be caused by my recent dose of HPV Vaccination a couple months ago? Thanks. – A


Dear A

You don’t mention your age but from the fact that you say it’s been bothering you for years, I am surprised that you’ve recently had the vaccination for HPV! That aside, therefore no, I don’t think it can possibly be related. Had it just started – even then I don’t see any reason for a link?

I am guessing you are not a teenager, or even perhaps in your 20s, and I can’t help but wonder whether you’ve had a cervical smear test recently. If not, I think it would be a wise test to have, so arrange to do that sooner rather than later, please.

I also suggest that you have tests to check for all sexual infections and also for BV (bacterial vaginosis). BV is not a sexually transmitted infection but a condition caused by an imbalance of the bacteria that inhabit the vagina. This condition is commonly described by women as making them smell bad ‘down there’, with a fishy type of odour.

Don’t delay any longer – go and get tested – and then treated appropriately. It’s important to know what’s caused this, so you can a) prevent recurrence and b) stop stressing about it!

If you don’t want to ask your own doctor, pop along to your local sexual health clinic, where you can have all the appropriate tests, and treatment as necessary.


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