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This Gallery Contains
Pictures of Different Methods of Contraception

Contraception Picture Gallery
Containing Birth Control Images

birth control

This page contains images of many different methods of contraception and many different photos for each. Information about the different methods of contraception found in these images can be found on other pages within the contraception/birth control section of this website. More is being added… so check back regularly if the information you are looking for is not there – yet. 


A selection of pictures showing different types of
IntraUterine Device and IntraUterine System
Mirena ® and Jaydess ®



Photos of different methods of birth control – here, the IUS and IUD – the coil and the ‘pill coil’ Mirena® and Jaydess®

 Mirena® and Jaydess® – the IntraUterine System – IUS

This gallery contains pictures of different types of

Subdermal Implant

Implanon® and Nexplanon® as used in the UK

This picture gallery shows images of the insertion technique used to place the Nexplanon® type of device under the skin of the inner side of the upper arm. It is usually placed in the non-dominant arm – ie the arm someone does not generally write with. Some people, and places, continue to use the same arm several times, for several devices but in the UK it has recently been advised that the same arm is used twice, then the other arm should be used (2017).

This is not showing insertion into a human arm, but into a training device.

Subdermal Implant Insertion Technique

Images of the

SILCS Caya® Diaphragm

This offers a ‘one size fits most women’ opportunity for most women who don’t want to use another type of contraception/birth control, containing hormones, or a device inserted into the uterus/womb. It should still be used with spermicidal cream or jel/gel (jelly). For more information on the Diaphragm, see the relevant page within the contraception information section of this site.


The Female Condom – Two Types

Made of polyurethane, these are worn by a woman, inserted prior to sexual intercourse. They can stay within the vagina after the first episode of sex – some women keep their female condom in situ and use it a second time, with the same partner. As long as it doesn’t come out and nothing escapes, this is logical, but it is only licenced for single use. It is not yet licenced for washing and reuse, unlike the diaphragm – Dutch Cap. For more information see the relevant information page within the contraception information section of this website.


I want him to wear a condom

Contraception – Hormonal

Contraception Information (Birth Control)

Using Birth Control Pills – Scared of HIV AIDS, genital herpes and genital warts

We're adding more pictures and more information regularly, so pop back and check for changes.

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