Can you tell me what the average vagina looks like?

this is what healthy vagina looks like

Can you tell me what the average vagina looks like?


In a simple word, the answer is “no”, I can’t, because this area of a woman’s body is as unique and different, although similar, as breasts, toes, noses and faces differ but have similarities.


Furthermore, the vagina is a hidden area and a potential space, not a gaping area that’s waiting to be filled with either a baby during delivery, a penis during sexual intercourse, a tampon during menstruation, or a dildo/vibrator during masturbation.  The walls of the vagina touch each other most of the time.


What is seen on external examination is not actually the vagina, but the vulva. The vulva consists of the labia majora, labia minora, the clitoris, introitus, perineum, anus, and the surrounding area, with the mons pubis covered with pubic hair. 


Naturally, all women have pubic hair. Some have a lot, while some have less. The shaved pubic area is not a natural phenomenon but a fashion statement encouraged and promoted by the porn industry. Pornographic film directors generally want their actors and actresses to be free of pubic hair. They almost want the area to have a child-like appearance! That, of course, can suggest a question mark over a man’s – or a woman’s –  motives for preferring this appearance, rather than a natural, adult, pubic hair style. 


Pubic hair is there, for a reason. It is the vulva, and ultimately, the vagina’s natural line of defence against bacteria and viruses that it comes into contact with. It may not stop an infection, but it can help to slow it down a bit. Perhaps even long enough to be washed away during a daily shower or bath!


Indeed, when it’s shaved off, or removed by other means, folliculitis may occur – inflammation of the hair follicles, from which the hair has been stripped. It can itch, become infected, and make people worry that they’ve caught something!


The pubic hair motto, therefore – perhaps just leave well alone! 


To see a selection of normal, healthy vulvas, within which the vagina is hidden from view, click here, or navigate to The Vulva Gallery

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