About the Contraception Section


This section of the site contains information about the different methods of contraception available today.


It links to a contraception gallery, where you can find images of a wide range of methods.

Individual methods described on pages in this site include:

… info coming soon – in the meantime, please use the drop-down menu, above. Thanks – Helen

  • Emergency Contraception (Morning After)
  • Combined Oral Contraception (The Pill)
  • Combined Vaginal Ring (The Ring)
  • Combined Transdermal Patch (The Patch)


Contraception Information (Birth Control)

Emergency Contraception / EHC / “Morning After Pill”

Update: Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Contraception – Hormonal

Progestogen Methods of Contraception

LARC – Long Acting Reversible Contraception

Contraception Picture Gallery

Male and Female Sterilisation

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