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If you are easily offended – do not visit the galleries.


This is a genuine medical picture site containing extensive trustworthy, qualified information about different methods of birth control (contraception), sexually transmitted infections/diseases and extensive sexual health-related information. 

It is operated by British Clinical Nurse Specialists who have worked in the field of Contraception (birth control) and Sexual Health/GU and HIV Medicine for over 30 years.

We have the support of medical colleagues who work in Contraception, Reproductive and Genitourinary Medicine, as well as in General Practice, in the UK.

With so much stigma and discrimination related to this field, we hope that you will find the contents interesting and useful.

Although we are not operating the interactive elements of the site, if you have a particular worry, please contact us and we will try to help you. As we can’t see or speak to you in the same way as when we are in a clinic, we won’t offer you a diagnosis, but we will guide you appropriately and respectfully.

WARNING: This site has a lot of medical information about birth control, sexual and reproductive health topics, and details about a range of genital conditions. It has been written in a friendly, question and answer format – as if you are sitting in a clinic speaking to a doctor or nurse. It also has a wide range of medical pictures depicting the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and genital anatomy.

These links take you directly to the different areas of this website.

The Anatomy Gallery – Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy Gallery

Contraception / Birth Control Information Pages

The Contraception Picture Gallery 

Sexual Health – Genital Conditions & STI-STD Information

The Sick Willy Gallery – Male AND Female “not so healthy” Genital Signs and Symptoms of a Range of Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STIs/STDs)

The Vulva Gallery – A range of normal, healthy adult vulvas / vagina / cervix pictures

The Labia Gallery – Photos of different, normal, healthy labia picture library

The Willy Gallery – Pictures of different normal, healthy, flaccid and erect adult penises

WillyMan – List of Contributions

The SillyWilly Gallery

Men’s Health Topics

Women’s Health Topics

… And several more subjects of interest.

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