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Most women, who don’t have sex with other women, don’t get a ‘real life’ opportunity to compare theirs with someone else’s and see that their vulva will be quite different, yet quite similar to another woman’s vulva.Vulva Image - Labelled for Vulva Gallery - showing the location of: the mons pubis; prepuce (clitoral hood), clitoris, vestibule, urethral opening, vaginal entrance (introitus), labia majora, labia minora, fourchette, perineum and anus - insert also shows the location of the hymen and a clear view of the fourchette - this area sometimes tears during sexual intercourse but heals well. This picture describes the correct anatomical areas within a woman’s Vulva – also showing the entrance to the Vagina

Many mistakenly will be looking for pictures of vaginas, rather than pictures of different vulvas – the vagina is an internal passage, the vulva the externally visualised female genital area. This page therefore contains images / photos / pictures from different women who have been kind enough to show others what their healthy vulva looks like, so that other women can see that there are as many different vulvas in the world as there are penises! 



Everyone is unique.

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If you are over 21 years of age and are interested in contributing your pictures to this gallery, anonymously, to help other women understand the wide range of ‘normal healthy female genitalia’ in the same way as these ladies have, please click here to contact us. Thank you.

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