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Some people fear that this site could be seen as a porn site because we show images of a range of men’s flaccid and erect penises, and a range of pictures showing the vulva and vaginal entrance, of several women, too. That is most definitely is NOT the purpose of this site. There are more than enough porn sites around if that’s what someone is looking for. 

This is, purely and simply, a medical health and education site, built and run by British nurses with many years of experience working in the field of genito-urinary medicine and contraception /birth control.

To that end, we received this lovely testimonial from a lady who wrote to us recently, wanting to be included in the Vulva Gallery, so that she, too, could help others who are worrying about the appearance of their genitals. We all have the same parts, although they are differently arranged, on each of us.

We thought we would share it with you, too.


“I would be happy to send in pictures of my vulva, pubic area, or breasts.

This website has really helped me. I have never seen other people’s genitals, to know if I am normal or not.

I have only seen those of my partner, and obviously, that is not the same thing, at all.

Please let me know what you need.

I am only too happy to help other people who feel the same as I did, as this site has helped me so much.

Thank you for letting me have the chance to help others, too.”

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