Genital & Sexually Transmitted Conditions

Please take your mouse to the STIs & GENITAL CONDITIONS menu, which drops down from above for STD information and go to the related genital condition or STI pictures and STI information pages or picture gallery section. 

That link takes you to all the different information STI information and STD Picture pages covering topics related to many sexually transmitted infections and related genital conditions.

If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please feel comfortable to sign up  to our Google+ community page (you can use a nickname) and post a question in that interactive area, where we will try to help you as soon as possible. 

If you are trying to compare a problem you have with one of the images in our STi Picture Gallery Willy Gallery – our flaccid and erect normal, healthy Penis Picture area, the normal, healthy , the Vulva/Vagina Picture Gallery or anywhere else on this website, please do not try to self-diagnose a condition. This should only be done in person, visiting a qualified and experienced healthcare professional.

As in the past, we are developing a facility by which visitors can upload images for advice. Please e-mail us for further information about that in the meantime. 


Sexplained Books – STI Infographic

What causes the infections and what infections do they cause ?

The Picture Galleries




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